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Single Family Homes In Massachusetts

Single family homes are the most popular class of real estate. By definition, they are individual unit residences. However, single family homes come in many different designs and incorporate a range Read More >

Creative Ideas For Custom Homes In Massachusetts

With custom homes, you may change layout, design elements, and features. Use the opportunity add interesting components. Here are a few creative ideas for custom homes in Massachusetts.The Initial Read More >

Understanding A Comparative Market Analysis For MA Real Estate

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is a report put together by an experienced listing broker to determine the sale price of a house. It is separate from an appraisal, which pinpoints the specific Read More >

Benefits Of 1031 Exchanges In MA

A 1031 exchange is a method for deferring taxes when selling a property and buying another. It applies to business or investment real estate. When executed properly, it may lead to dramatic savings. Read More >

Impact of Trended Credit on Future Mortgages

The information and procedures used by mortgage companies to qualify home buyers continues to change. Trended credit is something new to be implemented for Desktop Underwriting (DU) data. Below is an Read More >

MA Advice On Finishing A Basement

Finishing a basement is an excellent means to increase living space and increase the value of a property. It can be easier than an addition. This article provides MA advice on finishing a Read More >

Types Of Ownership Relationships For MA & NH Home Purchases

When multiple individuals buy a home together, they enter an agreement known as a tenancy agreement. It details what will take place when one individual dies. There are three categories of tenancy and Read More >

Title Searches For MA Home Purchases

A title tracks ownership of real estate. When property is sold, the title is transferred from one party to another. It is therefore a crucial component of a property transaction. This blog provides Read More >