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Preparing for FHA Appraisals

When you obtain a mortgage, either to purchase a new home or refinance an existing home, an appraisal is required. For FHA Home Loans, appraisers must evaluate property safety conditions and ensure Read More >

Homeownership Bridal Registry Accounts

After getting married, many couples move on to purchase a new home. Wouldn't it be great if wedding guests could contribute to a couple's down payment on their new home as a wedding gift? Actually, Read More >

Lower Fees for USDA Home Loans Starting October 2016

USDA loans are a great option for home buyers purchasing properties in rural and suburban areas. This program is offered by the US Department of Agriculture. It offers great features that extend home Read More >

New Refinance Program for Mortgages with High Loan-to-Value

Interest rates are low, but some homeowners still find themselves stuck with old mortgages due to their high loan-to-value ratios or other qualification issues. The Federal Housing Finance Read More >

HomeReady Mortgage Program Changes

The HomeReady mortgage program is a special program through Fannie Mae for low to moderate income families. Fannie Mae recently announced some changes to this program that may allow more home buyers Read More >

Funding for USDA Home Loans Running Out

USDA Home Loans are offered in rural and semi-rural areas. There's a misconception that USDA loans are only for farmers. In fact, they are used by many single-family home buyers who are not farmers Read More >

MIP Refund For FHA Refinances

If you have an FHA loan and are refinancing it with another FHA loan, it may be possible to get a partial refund on the MIP that you previously paid. The amount depends on how long you have had the Read More >

The Perfect Loan File

Forbes recently published an article about the perfect loan file and industry misconceptions. What is the real cause of consumers having difficulty getting loans? The answer may be surprising. Read More >

The 15th Of September 2015 Changes To FHA Home Loan Qualification Criteria | MA FHA Home Loans

One of the most used home loan programs is FHA. The 15th of September 2015 changes to FHA home loan qualification criteria include some critical changes. Here are some details. Interpretation of Read More >

NH & MA Home Buyer Grant | NHF Platinum Program

Sierra Pacific Mortgage has partnered with the National Homebuyer Fund (NHF Platinum Program) to offer a new program for New Hampshire and Massachusetts home buyers. This program provides grants Read More >