Attributes of Massachusetts Cape Style Homes

Cape style properties are a common style for single family homes. This design originated in colonial America and was inspired by half-timbered structures in England. It was later enhanced to include steep roof lines to better adapt to New England climate conditions. It has unique characteristics that differentiate them from other building designs. The following are attributes of Massachusetts cape style homes.

Attributes Of Massachusetts Cape Style Homes

Cape style homes are usually free-standing buildings with one and a half living levels and some or all of the upper level having slanted ceilings. The layout is typically symmetrical with the entry way in the center and windows on both sides of the doorway. Shutters and clapboard siding are also characteristic of Cape style houses. The top floor includes bedrooms and the first floor includes the living room, dining room, kitchen, and possibly one bedroom. The entry way ordinarily opens to stairs to the second floor or directly to the living room.

Appeal of Cape Style

Cape style houses are more compact and more inexpensive to build than full colonial homes yet still offer more than one level living. Its exterior design elements are very charming. It is considered one of the original American home styles. This completes our introduction to attributes of Massachusetts cape style homes.

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