Tips For Moving With Children

Moving is normally a stressful time, especially for children. To help everyone cope with the transition, there are many things that you can do before, amidst, and after the event. This article contains tips for moving with children.

Ahead of the Move

Problems arise long before the actual move. Communicating is important. Make sure children understand what is going on. Include them in the planning to instill excitement. Mention all of the good things that will come from the move as opposed to things they are saying good-bye to.

On Moving Day

Change is hard on each person in the family. As stressed as you may be, remain positive. Your demeanor has a huge impact on your children and their feelings. The following are some other things you may do on moving day.

Familiarity – While moving, put aside favorite belongings instead of making children wait for movers to appear and boxes to be unloaded. This will lower their anxiety.

Keeping with the Schedule – Moving will temporarily disrupt daily habits. If possible, maintain routines with bedtimes, meal times, and play times.

Have a Campout – Make moving fun by doing things like having a camp out in your living room on a night before the furniture arrives. This is fun for the kids and sleeping in the same space may be reassuring to keep everyone sleeping together during the first night in a strange place.

Settling in to a New House

Usually distractions help reduce stress. Think of fun activities to do in your new property. This creates memories. Here are a few suggestions.

Movie Night – Gathering for one of the family’s favorite movies makes your new house feel like the old one.

Find New Family Favorites – Most families have a favored restaurant or playground. Look for new favorites around your new home. Better yet, find things that were not found near the previous neighborhood. It will make the new home seem special.

Personalizing the Home – Most homes require some painting, so encourage your children to participate. Younger children could pick paint or accessories while older children could be more involved. Their participation will help them feel some ownership of their new space.

More Tips For Moving With Children

Keep in mind that children may be down and cranky. Be patient when they misbehave with the knowledge that it may be caused by the big change. Keep channels of communication open so they feel willing to express their fears. This also gives you an opportunity to figure out and guide them through it. Remember the above tips for moving with children and think of other fun things to do.

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