MA Bathroom Remodeling Advice

Bathroom renovation projects are common because it historically leads to a decent return on investment when selling a home. One of the most valuable steps of any home improvement is what you do before you even get out your tools. Proper preparation is key to saving headaches and money on the project. Below you will find MA bathroom remodeling advice.

Decor and Fixtures

Start researching your options ahead of time. Home magazines are a good resource for information. Choose colors, fixtures and accessories that you like and keep a portfolio of these items. When making your selections, think about energy and money-saving alternatives such as dual flush toilets, water efficient shower heads, and automatic light switches. Lastly, remember storage. Adding storage such as shelving is very important. Consult with other household members before carrying out your plans and make decisions that best provide for the requirements of all who will be utilizing the space.

Stick to a Budget

Plan an affordable budget but allow for a little wiggle room. Stay focused on useful and practical items. Do not over do fancy features. This will help to stay within your budget. Sensible, long-lasting fixtures and materials such as stainless steel or tile floors will be dependable and may help maintain home values. Also prepare for the unexpected. You may find more repairs as your remodel progresses. For example, removal of the shower may reveal leaks or other issues.

Acquire Multiple Estimates from Local Professionals

Get referrals from friends and neighbors on companies they have used in the past. Research the license status of a contractor through public resources such as the state website. Finally, request and compare proposals and examples of work from a few contractors. This is extremely important.

MA Bathroom Remodeling Advice

Planning is the most critical step of a bathroom remodeling project and can help alleviate stress, difficulties, and going over budget. Keep the MA bathroom remodeling advice above in mind before you get started. When well planned, a newly remodeled bathroom can improve the resale value of a property. Remember that the return on investment is commonly only a percentage of the amount spent, especially when you add in the cost of hiring a contractor. However, you will be able to enjoy your new bathroom until you sell your house!

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