Massachusetts New Construction Energy Saving Tips

With home building, there are upgrades that you can select up-front that may save energy and money throughout your ownership. People often refer to appliances when discussing energy efficiency, but even building materials can involve energy levels. Below are a few Massachusetts new construction energy saving tips to keep in mind.

Proper Insulation

Insulation is essential to establishing an obstacle between the interior and exterior air. It is naturally more cost-effective to do this during initial construction than to do so after a house is built. For greater benefit, a home should be insulated along all exterior spaces. If you have a basement, also think about insulating bulkhead doorways and hot water piping.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating systems usually include a percent rating for efficiency. The more the figure, the more efficient the system. Costs may range depending on manufacturer and efficiency. If you live in colder regions, investing in more efficient units will reduce your bills by a big amount.

Some Thoughts About Color

Darker color shades for roofing and siding shingles take in heat, causing the air inside the house to be warmer. Your cooling system will operate for longer spans of time as a result. Installing lighter colored roofing will deflect sunlight rather than absorb it. There are additional more drastic alternatives such as white roofs (special reflective coating) or a green roof (with plantings).

Appliance Considerations

Energy Star products function more efficiently (as measured by testing). Thus, they offer cost savings and help preserve our environment. You may search for Energy Star products online or in stores. They typically show the energy star label that details information on the amount of electricity used under typical operation. Energy Star alternatives are widely offered, so you will not usually be forced to select between functionality and energy use.

Double-pane and Low-E Windows

Windows are a major means of air transfer. Windows with double panes provide improved insulation. Additionally, adding a low-emittance layer between the two panes helps to minimize heat loss through the glass. Low-E material is virtually invisible. A wide range of glaze is available for particular temperatures. High solar gain glaze is better for regions with cold winters, and low solar gain options are great for warmer climates that use more cooling. It is also important to think about the location of windows relative to sunlight. This may reduce the need for electricity.

Other Massachusetts New Construction Energy Saving Tips

Home construction calls for making countless decisions. Remember to include energy efficiency in your assessment of different products. Evaluate environmental impact plus initial cost relative to ongoing savings. In many cases, selecting energy efficient alternatives is a simple decision when you look at the bigger picture. Start by consulting with your home builder for a comprehensive list of ideas.

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