Suggestions For Pest Control And Prevention In Massachusetts Residences

Pests such as fleas and termites can be health risks to your family. Once a pest infestation starts, it can be very difficult to address. There are several steps that you can take to control pest issues in your home, including chemical and non-chemical solutions. In this blog are suggestions for pest control and prevention in Massachusetts residences.

Basic Pest Prevention

Get Rid of Moisture

All living things require water for survival, so it is vital to minimize the unwanted water in your residence. Fix leaking pipes and do not let moisture accumulate anywhere in or around your building. Take out damp items. Even elevated humidity may draw in pests, so install a dehumidifier in moisture prone rooms in a residence. Reducing moisture will make it less conducive to pests.

Typical Hiding Places

Take out any frequent indoor hiding places such as big piles of papers, paper bags, and cardboard boxes stored for extended amounts of time. These areas always gather moisture and offer desirable hiding places for rodents. Consider using plastic boxes rather than ones for long-term storage requirements.

Bar Access Points

Prevent insects from getting liberal access to your property by eliminating cracks in ceilings, walls, and floors. Place screens on drains, windows, and doors to barring flying pests from openly getting into the property. Place weather stripping to doors and windows to block any obvious gaps. Especially in hot weather seasons, keep doors shut to minimize access into your interior.

Food Waste

Practice not leaving food out on counter tops and in kitchen sinks. This invites pests and enables them to remain well fed. Consider using tupperware that close air-tight. Trash cans may also capture the interests of unwanted animals, so find ones that minimize smells. Use a garbage disposal if possible to minimize the amount of rubbish placed in your bin.

Pests seek locations to hide that satisfy simple needs for oxygen,moisture, food, and shelter. The best method to control pest problems is to stop them from accessing your residence to begin with by removing the elements that they need to survive (as described in this blog). Taking these easy steps can prevent the necessity for more extreme measures later on. These suggestions for pest control and prevention in Massachusetts residences are intended to only be a simplistic overview.

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