Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assisted Showings For MA Homes For Sale

Assisted showings is a term used for showings attended by seller agents. Purchasers and sellers, and seller and buyer agents, generally have different views about it. The following is a synopsis of their views and the advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for MA homes for sale.

Buyer and Seller Views on Assisted Showings

Seller Opinions

People for the most part dislike allowing strangers wander through their residence but they know it is necessary to sell their property. Sellers therefore feel more comfortable having their agent attend showings. Although not common, there are scenarios where items are removed from a property or a home is not secured appropriately at the end of a visit. Sellers also see the benefit of having their agent convey details on the vital features of their home.

Buyer Perspectives

Certain buyers like the ability to ask questions of an individual familiar with a property. On the other hand, some do not especially enjoy assisted showings for a few reasons. Primarily, it can make them feel awkward and distracted. In the course of a showing, buyers like to take their time at properties they like and spend less time at those they do not. When someone else is there, they feel pressured to look through the whole property even if it is immediately clear that they are not interested. For properties they are interested in, they often feel hurried so as not to take a lot of time from the listing agent or give any indication that they love the home (as it could affect their bargaining position later on). Occasionally a listing agent engages in a great deal of discussion with a purchaser throughout a showing, which is also a diversion. Lastly, buyers cannot speak openly with each other and with their realtor when a representative of a seller is listening.

Real Estate Agent Points of View on Assisted Showings

Listing Agent Thoughts

Listing agents often find assisted showings very helpful in listing a property. Although all details may be provided in listing forms, purchasers or their agents may misinterpret or miss critical details. Being present offers seller agents the ability to cover those items and any concerns or misconceptions. By simply being at the property, they also also help ensure that visitors are more respectful of the home and its personal property. Nevertheless, planning a time can be even more difficult. Opportunities can be lost when scheduling conflicts occur.

Purchaser Agent Challenges

Buyer agents usually prefer unassisted showings since they are quicker to plan and facilitate open discussion with their clients. It is hard enough arranging the schedules of the buyer agent, prospective buyer, and seller. When you compound that with the seller agent, it can make it extremely difficult. This is particularly true when scheduling multiple showings for a single day.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assisted Showings For MA Homes For Sale

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of assisted showings for MA homes for sale and they may vary according to the individual points of view. Ultimately, the decision belongs to the seller. Sellers should specifically think about the impact that it may have on the number of buyers that can look at their home and on the feelings that those individuals will have during their visit. The locale, type of home, possessions, and many other details should also be a factor. Sellers should discuss this with their agent to come to an arrangement that best protects and benefits them in the listing and sale of their home.

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