MA Spring Real Estate Market Trends

Spring is traditionally a busy time for real estate. There are both a larger number of homes for sale and buyers on the market. If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, this article provides MA Spring real estate market trends.

Why The Spring

The Spring tends to be a less hectic time of year from a scheduling perspective. In the fall, kids children start school and families are busy adjusting. Then comes the holiday months with holiday shopping and events. The new year brings tax season. Only after that will things clear up for many. The days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and people tend accomplish more during the spring and summer seasons. As a result, Spring is a busier time of year for real estate.

Seller Considerations

Sellers often think that their homes present better in the spring and summer and that this will lead to a higher sales price. They naturally start cleaning up the outside of their property as the weather gets warmer and things start to bloom. The extended daylight hours also grant a little more time for all of this. The Spring can bring an influx of property listings as a result. This also leads to more competition, so sellers should think carefully about pricing their property correctly to accomplish a quick sale. They should also simplify showing instructions. Buyers may skip over ones with cumbersome or inconvenient showing options. With the right pricing and showing instructions, Sellers can make the most of the Spring market.

Buyer Competition

Buyers also find more time to spend on their home search in the Spring and look forward to the availability of options to choose from. It is critical for buyers to keep focused on their criteria instead of attempting to see everything on the market. The most desirable deals will sell quickly because of the volume of competing buyers. Those who shift too far from their basic criteria can end up losing the property of their dreams.

MA Spring Real Estate Market Trends

To make the most of the Spring market, get advice and help from a experienced real estate professional. For sellers, it is essential not to mis-price or lose momentum. Buyers can remain up to date on new listings with tools from a real estate broker and their direct access to the MLS system. It is also important for buyers not to lose focus and get lost in the number of homes coming on the market. With a little guidance and support, you can achieve your real estate goals for this Spring. Contact Christopher Graves at 781-759-1200 x22 or for additional MA Spring real estate market trends, to be referred to a reputable local real estate professional, or for a mortgage pre-approval.

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