Wilmington MA Single Family Property Sales Overview For 2nd Quarter 2013

Prices have gone up for Wilmington but average days on market have gone down by more than half. This means properties are selling at a much faster pace.

The Wilmington MA single family property sales overview for 2nd quarter 2013 in this blog include stats on average sales, listing volume, and marketing time frames for the previous several years. Average sale prices provide valuable details about the condition of the market, particularly when compared to past years. The number of listings sold gives us an indication of how active a market may be. Thirdly, the average days on market reflects demand. When viewed together, these three figures will help you decide if it is the optimal time to purchase or list a home, how long that may take, and how much you are likely to pay for a home.

Single Family Home Sales for Wilmington MA

2nd Quarter Average Sale Price

The average sales price in Wilmington MA for the 2nd quarter increased 0.72% from $376,160 to $378,877. In the time frame before that, it decreased -0.06% from $376,397 to $376,160. Prior to that was a 1.65% change. There is no consistent pattern over the past few years.

2008 $383,780
2009 $379,539
2010 $370,281
2011 $376,397
2012 $376,160
2013 $378,877

2nd Quarter Total Number Of Properties Sold

The Total number of properties sold in Wilmington MA for the 2nd quarter increased 17.46% from 63 to 74. In the time frame previous to that, it increased 75% from 36 to 63. Before that there was a -43.75% change. There is no consistent pattern across the past few years.

2008 42
2009 38
2010 64
2011 36
2012 63
2013 74

2nd Quarter Average Days On Market

The Average days on market in Wilmington MA for the 2nd quarter decreased -64.23% from 137 to 49. This after it decreased -6.16% from 146 to 137. Prior to that was a 35.19% change. These figures present no consistent direction during the last few years.

2008 158
2009 136
2010 108
2011 146
2012 137
2013 49

Wilmington MA Single Family Property Sales Overview For 2nd Quarter 2013

Interest rates are still low. Prices are continuing to rise. Now is a great time to buy before prices and rates continue to rise. Please contact me for mortgage options with as little as 3% down and NO PMI For more Wilmington MA single family property sales overview for 2nd quarter 2013 or details for other neighborhoods, please contact Christopher Graves, Operations Manager at Emery Federal Credit Union by calling 978-376-5389 or 781-759-1200 x22 or emailing Note: This information was compiled from third party sources including public records and the Mass. MLS Property Information Network, Inc. It is meant to provide a general overview of the real estate market, are not guaranteed, and may not include every single family transferred in Wilmington.

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