Dorchester Multifamily Investments 101 – Investing Home Buy 08/14/2014 2014

Attend the Dorchester Multifamily Investments 101 - Investing Home Buy held 08/14/2014, 2014 at 780 Morrissey BLVD Dorchester MA. This meeting is for all beginning investors and those wanting to learn Read More >

Construction Mortgages From FHA For MA Homes

When building a new home instead of buying an older house, you may assume that a conventional program is the only option. The good news is, FHA has a solution for construction! There are several key Read More >

Eliminating Mortgage Insurance From FHA Home Loans Issued Before June 3, 2013

Many borrowers who have FHA loans were persuaded by the ability to put a low down payment. Since mortgage insurance is typically charged on loans with less than 20% down, most FHA borrowers have Read More >

Eliminating PMI From FHA Loans

PMI is typically required on home loans for greater than 80% LTV. Most homeowners who turn to FHA have little down payment funds and will therefore be required to pay PMI each month. The premium is Read More >

MA Advice On Finishing A Basement

Finishing a basement is an excellent means to increase living space and increase the value of a property. It can be easier than an addition. This article provides MA advice on finishing a Read More >

Methods To Improve Property Values in MA

Whether you are expecting to sell your house this year or are just wishing to complete some upgrades, there are certain renovations that are more likely to add to your home's worth. Some are more Read More >

HomePath Renovation Loans

HomePath renovation loans enable mortgages to be obtained on a home that may otherwise not be approved for financing. The expense of repairs may be added to the mortgage amount, making purchasing the Read More >

Why Buying A Home In 2014 Is A Wise Decision

Like many people, you may have been monitoring homes for sale online for many months,...thinking about when to purchase. Purchasing a home is a major decision with several factors to weigh. The Read More >

Showing Preparation – Advice For MA Real Estate

It is important to make your property presentable before showings. When home buyers walk through your property, they must be able to see themselves living there. Showing Preparation involves some Read More >

The Impact Of Staging MA Listings On The Market

Any real estate agent or home buyer can attest to the impact of staging MA listings on the market. There are important benefits that make it well worth the trouble. This blog covers things to consider Read More >