2015 Revised Mortgage Disclosure Documents

You normally get several disclosure forms when trying ot obtain a mortgage. It is easy to get overwhelmed. Each of these was established by different legislation and at different times. In many cases, Read More >

MA New Construction Mortgage Programs Introduction

If you are evaluating building a new construction rather than purchasing an older home, it is helpful to understand the mortgage programs on the market. Financing new construction is much different Read More >

Dorchester Multifamily Investments 101 – Investing Home Buy 08/14/2014 2014

Attend the Dorchester Multifamily Investments 101 - Investing Home Buy held 08/14/2014, 2014 at 780 Morrissey BLVD Dorchester MA. This meeting is for all beginning investors and those wanting to learn Read More >

Construction Mortgages From FHA For MA Homes

When building a new home instead of buying an older house, you may assume that a conventional program is the only option. The good news is, FHA has a solution for construction! There are several key Read More >

Fannie Mae Electronic Underwriting Changes Released Nov. 2013

Fannie Mae requirements are used for a large volume of home loans. At the end of 2013, they applied a few significant modifications to their electronic underwriting program (used to evaluate many of Read More >

Overview Of The Qualified Mortgage Rule For MA Loans

The qualified mortgage rule was released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in January 2013 as part of the Dodd-Frank Reform Act. It actually applies starting January 2014 and determines the Read More >

MA Closing Attorney Responsibilities

The closing is the culmination of all the work and documentation in the home purchase process. It is when the purchaser gets keys and officially becomes the new owner of a piece of real estate. A Read More >

Mortgage Approval Considerations For MA Home Loan Providers

Pre-approvals do not guarantee final loan approval. Mortgage companies complete a detailed analysis before issuing an approval. This formal process does not typically begin until after a property is Read More >

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) Information For The MA Area

HARP is a loan refinance program through Making Home Affordable (MHA) by the Departments of the Treasury and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It was created to help homeowners current on their Read More >

Steps In The Financing Process For Buying MA Real Estate

There are several major distinct steps in the real estate purchase process, and several relate to the mortgage. It can be confusing for both first time and experienced home buyers. This blog offers Read More >