MassHousing Loans For MA Home Buyers

MassHousing is a not for profit public agency in Massachusetts that offers home loans. They do not rely on taxpayer funds and are self-supporting. Home buyers should consider a MassHousing financing Read More >

MA HomeStyle Home Repair Mortgages Overview

FNMA HomeStyle mortgages enable home buyers to borrow money for the cost of renovation by rolling it into the mortgage. It can be used for a new home or to refinance a current mortgage. It may Read More >

Information On Reverse Mortgages For MA Seniors

Reverse mortgages may be beneficial in certain circumstances. It is essential to understand the advantages and risks in order to make an educated decision. This article offers information on reverse Read More >

MA Home Equity Loan Advice

There are many different home equity loan options. Some can be a better alternative than others based on your circumstances, mortgage rates, and the reason for your home equity loan. The MA home Read More >

Explanation Of Single Financed Premium Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance (MI) is a policy that protects mortgage companies against borrowers defaulting on mortgages. It is commonly mandated by a mortgage company on mortgages where the borrower puts down Read More >

An Introduction To Adjustable Rate Mortgages In MA

Adjustable rate mortgages are attractive to many home buyers because of the lower loan payments in the first years of the mortgage. The rate can be below fixed rate mortgages, but this is not always Read More >

IRRRL VA Home Loan Programs In MA

Borrowers with VA loans have the option to easily refinance to a reduced interest rate through a special program. This is commonly called IRRRL which stands for Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Read More >

Benefits Of VA Loans In MA

Veterans have use of VA loans offered by private lenders but guaranteed by the federal government. The guarantee insures mortgage companies from loss up to a specific amount if a borrower defaults on Read More >

What Is Included In MA Recurring Mortgage Payments

It is important to find out what is included in MA recurring mortgage payments for budgeting purposes. The acronym PITI is commonly used to remember the items, which are principal, interest, taxes, Read More >

Boston MA Loan Professionals

Obtaining a home loan may be a complicated process because of the different mortgage programs, the documentation required, and the review process. Selecting Boston MA loan professionals can minimize Read More >