FHA PMI Rate Reductions Cancelled

We were so happy to announce a few weeks ago that the FHA monthly PMI rates were going to drop later this month. However, an important change has taken place. Last Friday, the Trump Read More >

Reduced Monthly Mortgage Insurance Rates for FHA Loans Starting January 27, 2017

UPDATE 1/20/17: This rate reduction was cancelled by the Trump Adminsitration. Click here for details. The beginning of the new year comes with some BIG news for first time home buyers. FHA announced Read More >

Well Water Requirements for FHA Loans

If you are purchasing a home in Southern NH or certain communities in Eastern MA, you may be dealing with well water. When using an FHA loan to purchase homes, it's important to be aware that the well Read More >

Preparing for FHA Appraisals

When you obtain a mortgage, either to purchase a new home or refinance an existing home, an appraisal is required. For FHA Home Loans, appraisers must evaluate property safety conditions and ensure Read More >

MIP Refund For FHA Refinances

If you have an FHA loan and are refinancing it with another FHA loan, it may be possible to get a partial refund on the MIP that you previously paid. The amount depends on how long you have had the Read More >

MA FHA Loans Reduced Mortgage Insurance Rates beginning January 26, 2015

It was just recently released that the mortgage insurance rates for FHA loans is reducing. This will assist individuals now in the market to buy and will allow borrowers with current FHA mortgages to Read More >

Eliminating PMI From FHA Loans

PMI is typically required on home loans for greater than 80% LTV. Most homeowners who turn to FHA have little down payment funds and will therefore be required to pay PMI each month. The premium is Read More >