FHA PMI Rate Reductions Cancelled

We were so happy to announce a few weeks ago that the FHA monthly PMI rates were going to drop later this month. However, an important change has taken place. Last Friday, the Trump Read More >

Getting Rid Of PMI From Conventional Home Loans

For conventional home loans where the down payment is less than twenty percent, PMI is typically charged. The premium is billed monthly and lumped into the mortgage payment. Getting rid of PMI from Read More >

Eliminating PMI From FHA Loans

PMI is typically required on home loans for greater than 80% LTV. Most homeowners who turn to FHA have little down payment funds and will therefore be required to pay PMI each month. The premium is Read More >

Lower PMI Rates from Credit Unions

There are several components to a home owner's monthly mortgage payment. One important charge is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI). It can account for a significant portion of monthly payment, so it is Read More >